Jeff the Piano Man
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Celebrating 25 years in the field of piano entertainment, Jeff continues to thrill audiences around the world with his unique brand of showmanship and musical talent.

Combining a powerful blend of vocals and skillful piano accompaniment Jeff presents a masterful display of experience and sheer inspiration.

With a broad repertoire covering nearly every musical genre and an ability to weave in and out of song styles with effortless ease he has been dubbed "The King of Medleys" by his ever growing list of admirers.

Audiences continue to be dazzled by his special tributes to great artists old and new with a special nod to the catalogue of Elton John, an exciting visual show full of surprises and not to be missed.

With more than two decades of crowd pleasing firmly beneath his fingers, Jeff Warren is a complete entertainer and a solid choice for any venue that seeks to find just the right ambiance and flavour, from cool Jazz to full on rock n roll.